Tzu Chi provides food, clothing, material necessities, medical care and spiritual consolation for victims of disasters, the sick, and the elderly. Tzu Chi strives to educate the rich by demonstrating that giving and service are more meaningful than pursuing wealth, power and prestige. Our hearts are full of gratitude in serving our long-term care recipients and disaster victims. Their misfortune is our occasion to use our ability to end their suffering and access our universal love. In our common karma we, the poor and the rich, help each other transcend misfortune wrought by human impurity.

     Tzu Chi's medical care network includes two hospitals in Taiwan and a system of free mobile clinics around the world. What is unique about Tzu Chi's medical service is the attitude of the personnel. Tzu Chi doctors and nurses treat patients as they would their own kin, and with the intent to heal patients in both body and mind. Tzu Chi does not only aim to treat the symptoms of a disease, but to address how a patient's illness affects daily life and family. 

     Tzu Chi has established the world's third largest marrow donor registry, which has handled over one hundred marrow transplants both in Taiwan and abroad. 

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